Q: Who has access to this service site?

A: Only customers of Muller TB Technologies have access, so this is limited only to them. You may have login for several employees of your company. Please contact us direct +41 44 926 44 88.

Q: What is this website/webservice for?

A: Customers of Muller TB Technologies may look for spare parts for they’re machines. The service includes a search engine, spare parts list for printing and a shop/order service for direct order.

Q: How can I find the machines my company owns?

A: Login first, then you find the direct link to “My Machines” where your machines will be listed. Select the one you look for spare parts to place them into the shopping cart.

Q: How do we pay the order?

A: As soon as we receive your order, we will pack and ship the parts to your factory. In case we need further information, of course we’ll get in contact with you immediately before shipping!